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The Hogans of Chippewa County
This is a web site for and about the descendents of Patrick Hogan and Johannah O'Keefe, born in Ireland in the 1790s, who raised a family to young adulthood in Clogheen parish, County Tipperary; and also for the descendents of John Ahearn and his wife Brigid Dunn from Knockanore Parish in the western part of County Waterford. They were the parents of John Hogan and Bridget Ahern, Irish immigrants who married in Ohio and homesteaded at Eagle Point, Chippewa County, Wisconsin from about 1856-1904.

John had a sister Hannah (Mrs. John) Long who had no children and a brother Michael whose only surviving son John had no children. Three other sisters settled in Chippewa Falls and left children and grandchildren: Margaret (Mrs. James) Sullivan; Mary Rose (Mrs. Michael) Hanrahan; and Johanna (Mrs. Michael) Powers. Our research has brought us into contact with descendents of all three of these sisters.

We would love to make contact with the descendents of John's sister Ellen Hogan, born in 1814, who appears to have married Edmond Casey in 1840 in Clogheen and had at least three children there. The third child was born during the famine in 1846, so perhaps they emigrated, either to the U.S. or elsewhere, and had more children in their new country.

We  have recently made contact with a descendent  of Bridget Ahern Hogan's sister, Mary O'Hearn Broderick Lennon, born 1828. We have proof that Mary Lennon was Bridget's sister, and we believe she was her twin. We would love to talk to descendents of  their brother Thomas, born 1822; or their brother James of Freeman, Crawford County, Wisconsin, born about 1819; or their brother John of Franklin, Vernon County, Wisconsin, born about 1825; or descendents of other siblings we don't know about. We believe some or all of the siblings emigrated to the U.S.

Our goal is to offer a forum where descendents who take pride in their immediate and extended families can connect to share family history, pictures, anecdotes, etc. We would love to establish contact with relatives in Ireland.

Our approach is to look at our immigrant ancestors in a wide social context, including neighbors, in-laws, and other associates, in order to more fully understand their lives in Ireland and America and increase our chances of finding out more about their Irish antecedents. Toward that end, we are also researching the ancestries of some of the other Irish families that married into the Hogan line, such as Hanrahan, Powers, Sullivan, and Regan.

Please let us know if you are a member of this family, and feel free to suggest corrections or improvements to this site. We would love to hear from you.
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Early Family History in Ireland - Hogan

Early Family History in Ireland - Ahearn

Mary O'Hearn Broderick Lennon, twin of Bridget

"A Letter to My Children"
     by Senator Tom Hogan

Letter from John Carney

Maps and Photos of Our Ancestral Home

Family Photo Index

John and Bridget's 50th Anniversary Photo -- 1902

Obituary Index with Celtic Blessing




Writings by descendents

Public Documents

Hogan Descendency Chart
Clogheen Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland: birthplace of John Hogan. Clogheen means "little stone". This beautiful photo was taken by George Lambert.
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A website for people with ancestors from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin named Hogan, O'Keefe, Ahern, Hanrahan, Powers, Sullivan, Sheehy, Sugars, Nauman, Burke, Miles, Benn, Deborde, Manning, Donovan, Regan, Trudelle, Lavelle, Morris, Quinlan, Patten, Wilson, Bunn, McKay, Bean, and Hebert, or those who think they may be connected to this family before the emigration from Ireland. Also for people with ancestors from Crawford and Vernon counties in Wisconsin with ancestors named O'Hearn, Devine, White, Biehl, and Hromadka.

"The way with Ireland is that no sooner do you get away from her than the golden mists begin to close about her, and she lies, an Island of the Blest, something enchanted in our dreams."

-- Katharine Tynan,
The Middle Years 1917
Hogan/Ahern  Branch in America

Hanrahan/Hogan Branch in America

Powers/Hogan Branch in America

Sullivan/Hogan Branch in America
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Click the Sheela-na-gig to go to the website of Ed O'Riordan, a Hogan connection living near Clogheen who creates authentic ancient Irish art and jewelry. We have tested Ed's products and can guarantee that they bring more (and better) luck than claddaghs, signet rings, or even celtic crosses.
                   Kathleen Hogan Manuel
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